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started by: davrosso

Posted by davrosso on 15 Aug. 2017,15:02
Hi all ,
      I'm new at this so please bear with me . A year ago I had a slate patio laid on a bed of washed sand and cement  with Easy joint polymeric for the jointing . All is going  well so far with no weeds no ants just looks good .

       Moving to the front of my white renderd house I have seen some Blockleys charcoal clay pavers which would look good and hopefully do so for a good number of years .

       My question is , can this paving be laid on the same washed sand and cement bed with a 5mm gap and Easy joint as the " filler " . Would this give me a colour fast , weed free and  stable driveway ?

     Driveway is 65sq m to pave 80 total , slight slope away from the house , drains to 1sqm soakaway crates , North facing .

     The guys who are doing this do admit they have never tried it before but say they will sort everything  out !

                                       What does everybody think ?

Posted by Tony McC on 15 Aug. 2017,17:48
It could be laid that way but it shouldn;t and it would be a disaster.

When pavers are laid rigidly, they are laid onto a full mortar bed, not a bed of washed sand with cement, and they are jointed with the same, and very definitely NOT with a polymeric that cannot possibly retain blocks (or setts) in position against vehicular trafficking.

If someone is offering to lay the pavers this way, chase them away, and as quickly as possible. They know nothing about pavement construction and are, undeniably, complete idiots.

Clay pavers are not easy to lay well, and even competent contractors can struggle with them, so to leave the job in the hands of cowboys is just asking for trouble!

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 16 Aug. 2017,17:57
as said it wont last a year

Posted by davrosso on 17 Aug. 2017,10:22
Thanks for taking the time to reply ,

    It seemed such a good idea for a start but I did wonder why nobody else was doing it , so now I know . I had coincided the Marshals cobbletech ,can't recall its new name , but all the paving that I see around my area seems to have  faded to beige or really washed out red within a few years so as much as I admire the properties of polymerics I am not impressed with the concrete  used .

      I will heed your advice and look for an experienced paver for the clay blocks and look for a polyurethane sealer to take care of the weeds .

   You have a truly great and informative website . The calculators for sub base and sand are  just so handy .

                    Many thanks and long my you prosper .

Posted by Tony McC on 17 Aug. 2017,18:23
Cobbletech became DriveSys for legal reasons. It was a Marmite product when it was Cobbletech, and it's still a Marmite product.
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