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Topic: Pointing high block kerbs
started by: andyf26

Posted by andyf26 on 12 Aug. 2017,20:31
Hi - long time reader but first poster. Fantastic site Tony, so helpful.

I'm looking for a little advice about installing high kerbs like < these >
I have a number of curves to follow so the plan is to have about a 6mm joint in between each block so I have more flexibility around the arcs.
What I'm not sure about is what's best when it comes to filling the joints. I want to colour match (charcoal). áDo I mortar in between the blocks as I lay them then point them after or do I leave them dry until the hunching is set then grout them? If so, how do you ensure the whole joint is filled?

Thanks for any help

Posted by seanandruby on 13 Aug. 2017,06:41
"Butter " the edges as you go like bricklaying,  then push against previous block. To messy trying to retro point. Hold the block on your hand like a slice of bread and trowel the compo on taking care to make it stick. Practice with one till you can pick block up without compo falling off. Be careful to keep edges clean
Posted by lutonlagerlout on 13 Aug. 2017,11:46
sadly no matter what Black dye you use in 9 months it will be a light grey
bear this in mind
as Sean says bit of a knack to buttering kerbs
LLL :)

Posted by andyf26 on 14 Aug. 2017,14:26
Thanks for the advice gents.  I'll give it a try
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