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Topic: Grit suppliers for permeable block ?
started by: MikeHill

Posted by MikeHill on 21 Aug. 2019,15:11
Hi, I have a lot of permeable paving to jet wash and need the 3-6mm grit to go in the gaps afterwards. Anyone know where I can get it in 1 tonne bags ? Donít want a lorry load. Based in Warrington area.
Thanks, Mike.

Posted by ken on 22 Aug. 2019,22:01
Travis perkins in warrington will get it in stock for you upon request. It was about £50 per ton last time I bought some...around 2 years ago
Posted by Tony McC on 27 Aug. 2019,12:47
I think Chris at Landscape World in Widnes also has it in stock....I seem to recall I saw some bagged up the last time I was in there.
Posted by MikeHill on 02 Sep. 2019,09:39
Thanks guys. Landscape World said they dont have it and TP have just 6mm. Would all 6mm be good to use or does it need to be 3-6mm mixed ?
Posted by Tony McC on 07 Sep. 2019,21:28
6mm *should* be OK, but because there is no slightly smaller aggregate in with it (3-4-5mm) it can be tricky to ensure joints are properly filled.

If you can get 3-6mm, it's a much better choice, but 6mm single size would tie you over initially. You would probably find the grit will settle in the joints over the first few weeks, and you'd be well advised to top up with 3-6mm, if you can find it.

I'm surpised Landscape World don't have it. I must raise this with Chris next time I'm in there - if we don't make it easy for folk to get hoild of the right aggregates, it will be impossible to promote the increasingly relevant permable paving systems.

Posted by MikeHill on 09 Sep. 2019,07:38
Thanks Tony,
  I'll get a bag of 6mm for now and try Chris again in a month or so.

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