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Topic: Blast from the past
started by: ken

Posted by ken on 15 Aug. 2019,22:49
Hi all. I once was a regular contributor to this forum, I haven't been here for a while. Those of you who may remember me or not, i decided to give up grinding an axe for a living and, im now fully employed by a local Cheshire company, who have work booked in till February for 10 lads. Best move ive ever made. áHope everyone else is doing well.
Cheers. áKen

Posted by Tony McC on 17 Aug. 2019,12:34
Some folk like the fixed regular hours and work being finished at knocking-off time that comes with working for someone else, while others like the freedom to work on what you want, when you want and make your own money, despite all the stresses.

There's no right or wrong - whatever works best for the individual.

Posted by jwill on 17 Aug. 2019,18:12
Seems quiet here lately. Not that I'm a particularly long standing member.
I do a bit of subcontracting on occasions. Nowt like packing up and forgetting about work!

Posted by ken on 17 Aug. 2019,22:45
I found it hard at first being told what to do and having to answer to someone else, but I'm earning more than I ever did working for myself, on a regular basis. And due to my experience after one week ive been running my own jobs the way I'm used to, no hassle or stress.
Best move ive ever made.
If ever your looking for large projects too be installed Tony, throw them this way. The company i work for are based in Lymm... they even took Dean on once i was onboard 🤣

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