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Topic: Man watching whilst in deck chair
started by: loudog

Posted by loudog on 12 Oct. 2017,17:06
Hi chaps. I completed a drive and the neighbour came out and asked me to do his.  I turned up to do his job yesterday and he said, you don't mind if I watch do you. I said no that's fine, well within fifteen minutes he's brought out a deckchair and won't stop looking. He has seen the quality of my work and I know it's up to him but it's very off putting. How would you deal with it as I got about a week of it. He's about 70 and he even put his rigger boots on. 😀
Posted by lutonlagerlout on 12 Oct. 2017,18:22
we get this a lot,as long as they dont interfere just let them watch
main thing is they dont start chatting to the lads, hes probably bored

Posted by digerjones on 12 Oct. 2017,18:36
Ha, the job I'm on is quite bad sort of.
He's ok to hold the tape and a few things but it's like having an extra shadow.

Posted by dig dug dan on 12 Oct. 2017,20:43
I hate it! Had it twice, one bloke was so boring telling me about his bbq championships he goes to, and got arsey when the skip wasnt collected at the end of the day.
The worst is when you sit in the van for lunch, then they come out, tap on the glass and start boring you with their illness and hospital appointments!!!

Posted by seanandruby on 12 Oct. 2017,21:41
Turn the radio up loud and sing away. Don't give them talk time, bore them back with your tales of woe, soon get pissed off with you and stay ondoors  :;):   :)
Posted by loudog on 13 Oct. 2017,17:24
Liking turn the radio up. I'll put on heavy metal :)
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