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started by: MaxMacLaren1

Posted by MaxMacLaren1 on 09 Feb. 2019,13:34
Hi, I am hoping to get a Dolce Vita above ground swimming pool for the summer.

There are 2 installation options a) bolt to a 10cm concrete base or b) buy the optional base frame. Option b does not appeal because you will be able to feel it at the bottom of the pool.

Instead of a 10cm concrete base does anyone know if it could be bolted to properly dry laid mono block paving e.g. using 10cm of impacted hardcore.

Many thanks, Max

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Posted by rab1 on 09 Feb. 2019,22:29
I'm no expert but monoblock is not ridged. A poured slab of concrete is ridged and as the pool manufacture recommends the ridged option. I would take their advice. Water is heavy and you have no guarantee if you choose another option.
Posted by seanandruby on 10 Feb. 2019,18:22
I'm with Rab on this.
You would be anchoring to a slab rather than a single block, no guarantees your anchor points won't end up on a paving joint either.

Posted by Tony McC on 10 Feb. 2019,19:07
I can't see where on the site the detail for a concrete base is given, biut they do seem exceptionally keen to flog you the base system and have you lay it on some sand.

I'm confident that properly constructed flexible block paving *would* be able to carry the load of the pool, but it may not be suitable for any anchoring that's required to keep the pool structure in place.

Posted by MaxMacLaren1 on 11 Feb. 2019,13:59
Thank you for your comments, they are much appreciated.


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