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Topic: Re-pointing old reclaimed sett driveway
started by: GillianT

Posted by GillianT on 13 Sep. 2019,11:03
My driveway is circa 130 sq mtr of reclaimed setts (varying sizes 210mm x 150mm to 100mm x 150mm) The gaps varying immensely but are around 25mm -45mm, with depths also varying but around 25mm - 35mm. The drive was laid 24 years ago and the pointing has perished and weeds grown. I have now had all the old pointing removed. The setts have not sunk at all over that period. However some of the setts there is movement side to side as the material surrounding the bottom of them is loose and not fixed in place. Will these need to be bedded back into cement before I re-point the top half of the gap? If so what mix?

I have considered the GftK VDW850, however for the area and the gaps I have it is very costly versus sand and cement.
I would consider making the investment if the product had been around long enough to prove it would last and also it was guaranteed to work given the varying depths of gap and also the slight movement I have in some of the setts.
If I go for a sand and cement mix I want this to last as long as possible, what is the best mix? I have been told grano should be used as it is hard wearing, is this the case and would it be preferable to a grit sand and cement mix? When looking at other pointing it seems to last longer with the hard lumps into? Please advise what whether 3:1 or 4:1 is best and what the ingredients should be for long life.
Thank you

Posted by dig dug dan on 14 Sep. 2019,11:57
Search for flowpoint. I used some for the very same thing. From memory, it mixes up like plaster, and I used a watering can to pour it in.
It will easily sort out loose setts

Posted by Tony McC on 16 Sep. 2019,10:03
I answered this question by email last Thursday. Why re-post it here on Friday???
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