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Topic: Old soak away under driveway
started by: Hawaii04

Posted by Hawaii04 on 09 Mar. 2017,16:45
Hi. Another question from me I'm afraid. During excavation of my driveway, I uncovered an old soak away which has left a bit of a dip in the profile. I know this soak away has been blocked up for years as I disconnected it and re-routed a new one many years ago. Question is: should  I just top up with type 1 when I'm putting the sub base down or can I just back fill with the soil/ chalk which I've excavated and bring it up to the required level. Thanks.
Posted by lutonlagerlout on 09 Mar. 2017,18:20
ideally it should be excavated and filled in layers of type1
in the real world I would cap it with concrete below formation level,never use spoil for backfill

Posted by Hawaii04 on 09 Mar. 2017,21:56
Thanks for the info.
Posted by seanandruby on 10 Mar. 2017,09:19
Compact it to refusal. You can cap with chalk, no soil. Cover with a good quality geo grid and then terram on top of that. You can start your formation after that.
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