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Topic: Compacting in the rain
started by: Webstar

Posted by Webstar on 02 Oct. 2018,13:25
Ok guy I hired a Wacker plate this morning to compact half of my sub base ready for the other half to get delivered and compact that but itís bin raining all day and most of the night. This is my first time doing any of this by the way ...
So I started and is gone all slushy is this normal so my question is have I got to stop and Wait for it to dry out because of the rain and the Wacker handley moves some help would be much appreciated thanks guys

Posted by seanandruby on 03 Oct. 2018,12:30
Let it dry out for a few days and should be fine, depends on the make up of soil Wacking sub base in wet conditions is a no no you just make the sub soil liquid. Once sub base dries out the wacker plate should glide over it.
Posted by Webstar on 07 Oct. 2018,00:26
Cheers Sean thanks for the reply
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