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Topic: Hit electric cable
started by: Highworth paving

Posted by Highworth paving on 05 Nov. 2018,21:07
Hi all
So while digging out this weeks drive I hit the mains electric cable ( low voltage demestic type) with the digger bucket. I called the electric board and they sent someone out within the hour. He then said he would require someone else ( health & safety). So after waiting another hour for the other guy the repair took another half hour to complete.
The reason Iím posting this is to find out if I have any chance of avoiding the cost of repair ( £400-£500 ). I hit the cable on the boarder of the two properties where a retaining wall is required as the neighbours lawn is about 600mm (2ft) higher. The cable was just underneath the old wall foundation & only 150mm below garage floor level on the driveway Iím excavating but when it enters into the neighbours property it is then 600mm down due to the change in level. I always thought that mains electric should be at least 450mm down and be covered with warning tape. I know I should of checked for cables first as had quite a few near misses in the past but where do you think I stand on this

Posted by digerjones on 06 Nov. 2018,22:50
Sorry to be bearer of bad news but you will have to pay in my experience. I hit one with the digger. My insurance excess was 500 and think bill was 600 so didn't bother with insurance.  But I don't think they would of payed anyway. They wanted proof of all the precautions I had made. Plans drawings cattle scan etc.
Posted by Highworth paving on 06 Nov. 2018,23:07
I did take photos with me holding a tape showing cable at 150mm down but realise there just gonna say you should of done a cat scan. I did get away with hitting gas a while back though. So fingers crossed
Posted by DNgroundworks on 17 Nov. 2018,23:07
There are no statutory depths for services to be buried at, just guidelines.

Ive hit a few and had to pay for the all bar one where the attending gas man took pity!

Posted by Highworth paving on 18 Nov. 2018,14:33
Nearly 2 weeks ago now and havenít received a bill, so Iím still hoping. Will let you know what happens
Posted by Dave_L on 25 Dec. 2018,11:09
I doubt you will have received one either - we damaged a LV incoming cable into a house not so long ago, WPD were there within the hour and it was rejointed with one of those resin submarines, no charge.

Also we were planing off a council car park a couple of months ago, at 30mm we hooked a street lighting cable out the ground! Some fantastic groundwork there eh? Anyway, repaired free of charge by WPD.

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