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Topic: Plate compactor
started by: Forestboy1978

Posted by Forestboy1978 on 17 April 2015,19:15
Just need something I can handle alone. Small for small ground works and patios for a reasonable price.

How bad is the evolution one?

Belle perhaps?

Posted by doobin on 01 April 2019,12:23
The Evoloution one is pretty light mate. It's just not heavy enough for knocking down Type 1, but one man can handle it and it's reliable.

Unfortunatly if you have to compact sub base, it's just not up to the job.

Can't see you'd go wrong with Belle. If you're not going to use it a lot, the LTS 80KG jobby is prety good for 280 inc VAT!! They do a 60KG version too. Search LTS whacker on ebay or Google.

The Chinese copy of a Honda engine is a beauty- they've got it down pat. Starts first pull and idles smooth as silk. The plate is missing the turn-up on the side edges, whci can lead to cutting in when turning. The main thing to be aware of is that the anti vibe isn't great, so it's onyl good for very short term use, especially if you are getting employees to use it.

I've had mine six months and used it on six jobs. Very happy with it, but if I used it weekly I'd have gone Belle.

Posted by Tony McC on 04 April 2019,11:18
If you can pick up a plate compactor on your own, it's too light!

The BS requires a minimum mass of 75kg for compacting sub-base material, and yes! there's are heroes that could easily lift that and throw it in the back of the tranny van, but I'll probably see them in the spinal clinic any day now!

You could get away with a 60kg plate for patios, I suppose, but I'd rather spend me money on the right bit of kit and know the job is done correctly, than risk it with a lightweight plate.

Posted by doobin on 04 April 2019,13:27
The other thing to consider is the plate size- obviously a bigger plate will spread the weight. So if you want a 60kg one, get one as small as possible. Yeah it'll take more time- but it's time well spent.

I've also got an old diesel pedestrian vibrating roller that is magic for larger areas, but you have to be prepared to take your time. Best 250 I spent.

Posted by doobin on 04 April 2019,13:30
As regards handling one alone- there are swing lift cranes on eBay for around 250, rated for 250-500kgs. Come in handy for all sorts- you only get one body after all. Stick it on the tipper and you're away- you could even lift things like a MuckTruck in and out.
Posted by emilywilliams on 07 April 2019,16:19
If you are still undecided you can also consider hiring a wacker plate for your next few jobs? So you can try the Evolution and Belle in practice? I find this website quite useful for finding wacker plate hire near me: < >
Posted by Dave_L on 07 April 2019,20:31
Bomag 18/45 is what you need. Not cheap but it'll tick all the boxes
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