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Posted by TheVictorianCobbleCo on 06 Mar. 2018,15:07
Just to let you know that with the passage of time, I retired in December last year, sold the business, and now spend my time working as an artist and playing the guitar,with some bandwork now and again. After living in England for 10 years, I then moved to Cape Town in South Africa and continued paving for the next 10 years. My Bro in law still operates a successful paving manufacturing company under our original name, along the Cape coast.
The point of this post is my way of NOT saying goodbye, I feel part of Pavingexpert and came to respect the wealth of knowledge you guys have. And I say thanks for that.
So I will visit less regularly, but always keep my eyes open for assisting in any advice I can feel confident to give.
I am in the Netherlands until July and hope to do a quick visit to the UK by May, to have at least one John Smiths extra smooth again.
Bless you all - btw, beat the cancer demon, 5 years free now.

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 07 Mar. 2018,01:18
fair play William! looks like you will be keeping busy
I was in capetown for a fortnight in december,great place but the water shortage shocked me,  the rand for us tourists is a great currency, my mate that lives there says it makes travelling very hard for him
all the best
LLL :)

Posted by Tony McC on 08 Mar. 2018,14:01
I can only echo what LLL says.

And if you're ever up north, I'll tek thi for a pint o' proper ale...proper brewed in Lancashire ale! :D

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