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Topic: Concrete fence posts
started by: michaelthegardener

Posted by michaelthegardener on 13 Mar. 2019,18:25
Anyone know of a way to repair a concrete post thats solid apart from the bit that holds the pannel in ? got a customer with one thats lost a pannel an 2 more a bit ropey but the problem is they are in a stone wall so real big job to replace them !
Posted by dig dug dan on 15 Mar. 2019,19:03
You cant, but in have before now screwed the fence panel to the concrete post if there is no easy way of replacement. You will need an sds drill though!
Posted by michaelthegardener on 26 Mar. 2019,22:14
i used some of these < >   seam ok but time will tell !
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