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Topic: Replace marshalltown handle
started by: KAMIKAZEE DIY

Posted by KAMIKAZEE DIY on 23 Dec. 2018,11:18
Would like to replace the handle on a brick trowel from wood to durasoft.

Had anyone done this before?

Looking for some advice or info??

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 23 Dec. 2018,20:06
I have used wood,durasoft,leather,and the hard plastic ones
the handle makes little difference mate
its just a tool
the man maketh the job  :;):

Posted by KAMIKAZEE DIY on 23 Dec. 2018,20:18
Extra comfort i was thinking. Had a look on MT website i think I'd only be able to swap for a plastic handles.

Do you think it's worth swapping wooden handle for plastic?

Thanks for reply.

Have a good xmas.

Posted by seanandruby on 24 Dec. 2018,01:25
As LLL says: it's just a tool. I also can't see the point  :O
Posted by lutonlagerlout on 24 Dec. 2018,15:29
Kami I used wooden handles for years with no problems,the only reason I use durasoft now is that is what is commonly available
leather MT are a bit snazzier  and pricier,but its the balance and weight  that you buy MT for
my 19-10 canadian pattern trowel  is down to around 19-7.5 now ,I was hoping it would see me out,but I can still out lay young frank 2:1 and he has a 19:11
have fun yourself

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