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Topic: Sandstone patio - spot bedding?
started by: williamsl5

Posted by williamsl5 on 03 July 2019,13:35
After some advice as I know nothing about patios

Just had our new Umbra sandstone patio laid and was disappointed to see circular patches appearing (see photos)
The guy who fitted them tells me this will disappear but from googling it looks like this could be spot bedding.
Would any experts be able to help? I have paid 50% of the cost to him already but loathe to pay out the rest without knowing if these will actually disappear over time

He's coming back tomorrow to take a look

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Posted by Tom - Westminster Stone on 03 July 2019,14:51
You are correct with your conclusion, not only will you see spots as you are doing but you also increase the risk of the slabs coming lose. If you've used a jointing compond you'll have used way more than you needed as alot of it will have fallen through and started to fill the voids before filling the jointing gaps.
Posted by williamsl5 on 03 July 2019,15:00
Thanks for your help. So it is definitely spot bedding? Just want to be able to tell our guy that.
I'm assuming then that the tiles are ruined?

Posted by williamsl5 on 04 July 2019,18:59
Just following on from this, he has now lifted the tiles and will re-lay. He's insisting on reusing the old tiles as the stains may dry out. Will this be the case, or should new slabs be laid?
Also should they be laid on a full mortar bed, or is screed ok?

Posted by Tony McC on 09 July 2019,10:28
It is most likely that the stains are permanent and this eejit has effectively ruined your paving for ever.

These are not damp or moisture stains that will eventually dry out: they are permanent mineral and insoluble salt deposits.

See < Reflective Staining >

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