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started by: Rocco

Posted by Rocco on 13 June 2019,21:48
i have recently had some block paving laid.
there are one and a half packs left over.I said they are mine the builder says they belong to him.
He built a wall two blocks high the one end touches the pavers the other end there is a two inch gap.He blames the house not being straight.
After the initial quote he said we needed drainage i agreed and asked for an extra step onto the lawn  to be included  he said ok for an extra £500
the drainage is a 6inch wide plastic grating running down the side of the house into the house drain.When we came to pay he denied agreeing to the extra step.

Posted by dig dug dan on 14 June 2019,18:20
Difficult unless anything is agreed in writing.
In terms of materials  if the builder has quoted to install a driveway, and he has supplied the blocks, the left over ones are his. He might leave a few for you.
Bh the same token, if he uses a skip on your job, its his skip for his rubbish. Its not the customers

Time and time again, i have often over ordered to full pack qty in order to get the best discount, then the left over blocks go on another job.

Unless you supplied the blocks, they are his.

As for the other matters, a picture would help so we can see the issues

Posted by Rocco on 14 June 2019,19:13
i will take some pics
Posted by Rocco on 15 June 2019,16:23
Stones wedged inside of drain to level because it was fitted twisted.

Step requested to be in line with back door yet it's 2 foot to the left of the door.

Rough patches in rendering

Wall not straight causing a gap

No rendering down the entire brickwork. Mud laid then a line of rendering applied.

Posted by dig dug dan on 15 June 2019,21:53
Cutting in not great, a few slips and darts.
Cannot see any beading on the rendering corners. Render first, then back fill behind with mud, not other way round.
Drainage channels a little tricky to assess as its up against brickwork, that could be to blame?
Slab pointing terrible.
Wall might be straight, have you put a level on it? Either way, a gap can be filled one way or another.

Posted by Rocco on 16 June 2019,11:00
The wall is one inch out.
Drainage water runs into sewage outlet

Posted by dig dug dan on 16 June 2019,17:29
Quote (Rocco @ 16 June 2019,11:00)
The wall is one inch out.
Drainage water runs into sewage outlet

Have you paid them fully?
Surface water MUST NOT be  discharged into a sewer. You can be prosecuted. You need to get these guys back to rectify that in the very least!

Posted by Rocco on 16 June 2019,20:33
Paid in full
Posted by Rocco on 16 June 2019,20:40
Is there a building regs dept I could contact ?
Posted by dig dug dan on 17 June 2019,19:19
Dont think the council can help, your local water authority might, but they will instruct you to re do the drainage.
You will need to contact the people who did the work, in writing, and state what you need them to come back and rectify. Does not matter you have paid them in full, they are liable for the poor workmanship.
Do they have a valid landline number and address? Does the address exisit? How did you come to employ these people? Recommendation?

Posted by Rocco on 18 June 2019,14:34
They were recommended on Facebook.
They came back today to refit 3 slabs.
The wife rang Severn Trent to query what we had said.She then said the woman at Severn Trent said there wasn’t a problem.
She said she would get a foreman from local firm KW Bell to come and inspect the work.
We have not heard a thing about when that will be yet.
She said the wall being out by 1 inch is perfectly acceptable.

Posted by Tony McC on 20 June 2019,17:48
Why on earth would Severn Trent want to get themselves involved in a dispute over landscaping work at a private residence?

If you have paid the contractor in full, then you have little recourse other than legal action. You could seek free legal advice from CAB (if you can get an appt any time in the next 12 months!) or some <spit> solicitors offer a free 30 minute consultation. Both will likely suggest getting a professional assessment and report - if you email me with your location, I can give you an indication of likely costs - but you would have to bear all costs until such time as your case was resolved and even then you still have to get the money from the contractor.

Posted by dig dug dan on 20 June 2019,18:46
Please get it in writing from severn trent that they are happy the storm water is connected to the sewer!
Posted by Rocco on 21 June 2019,02:15
Quote (dig dug dan @ 20 June 2019,18:46)
Please get it in writing from severn trent that they are happy the storm water is connected to the sewer!

Ok will do.
Posted by Rocco on 22 June 2019,10:03
Had a phone call yesterday the people in question are coming back to put in a soak away.
Posted by Rocco on 29 June 2019,16:55
They are coming back to fit a soak away.
What are the rules?

Posted by dig dug dan on 30 June 2019,18:35
Soakaway needs to be 6m from the house, and constructed using storm crates. You also need the correct number according to the surface run off area. There is a calculation on this site, but if your contractors are any good, they should know this.
Posted by Rocco on 06 July 2019,08:39
The contractors are rubbish. When i first mentioned a soakaway they said no need they could run the drainage into the sewage outlet. I told them you cant but they said they have done a lot like this.Then two weeks ago they got in touch to say they need to come back to put a soakaway in.
They built a retaining wall then put render on it which still hasnt completely dried out four weeks later.They only rendered one side of the wall.
I think the slabs they put on the top of the wall were second hand,is there a product i could paint them with to tidy them up?
The distance from the house to where they plan to put the soakaway is 5.5 metres. On the pavers we have a strip approx 1 metre wide 12 metres long covered in a white powdery substance also in front of the gate.
If somebody out there could possibly pm me a phone number so i could have a chat and pick their brains it would be appreciated.

Posted by Rocco on 07 July 2019,19:18
they have left saying as far as they are concerned the job is finisned
Posted by Rocco on 09 July 2019,14:38
is it normal to leave some sand for the customer to do the filling in at a later date ?
Posted by Tony McC on 11 July 2019,09:28
It's good practice to leave, say, half a bag of KDS for the customer to top-up joints after 6 weks or so, but the joints *must* be filled, and the pavers compacted, before the paving can be declared 'complete'.

It's even better practice for the installer to return after 6 weeks or so, check the work for compliance, and then do any topping-up on behalf of the customer. It breeds nothing but goodwill and gets you *so* many recommendations......"Yes: they came back the next month to check we were still happy with everything........"

Posted by Rocco on 12 July 2019,12:11
has everybody got bored with this topic ?
Posted by Tony McC on 17 July 2019,19:28
I could swear I answered this about a week or so ago. Or was that by email?

It's good practice to leave half-a-bag or so with the customer just in case any joints need topping-up, but a good contractor will fully fill all the joints before leaving the job and *should* return 4-6 weeks later to check and carry out any necessary topping-up.

Posted by Rocco on 17 July 2019,22:38
My wife and I had to do the sanding.We had a text off the company who did the job saying as far as they were concerned the job was finished.
Two lads came round last night to give a quote for putting the job right.They said they would be in touch today guess what,not a word !!

Posted by Tony McC on 18 July 2019,09:16
You need to determine just what needs to be put right - don't leave it to some other gang to decide which bits they want to fix, invariably the bits that offer most money.

If you had, say, 3 contractors look at it, that might give you some idea of what 'common themes' are developing, which items come up time and time again, but use your own judgement too. What do *you* think needs rectifying?

Get a written spec - do NOT leave it to a loose, verbal "we'll sort it" arrangment.

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