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Topic: Best connection method (foul)
started by: jwill

Posted by jwill on 03 June 2019,17:11
Whats best way to make this new foul connection to existing? I want to come in line with the trench as pictured. I can put a couple of slow bends before going into IC or a slow bend after coming in to discharge in direction of flow. Obviously a flush connection would involve either cutting a branch in or cutting new pipe quite low down on invert of existing. I thought because I'm coming in on the angle best to keep an inch or so up off existing invert?

Would be doing all pipework inside IC with clay and use a flex seal to plastic once through wall act as a rocker.

Existing joints could do with bit of gear in as you can see

Open to advice please


Posted by jwill on 03 June 2019,17:12

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 03 June 2019,21:22
hi Jwill
assuming that the flow is the same way  you need to break through the IC at invert level and create  a New slipper and rebench the IC,we used to be able to get clay slippers but hard to find now,so we generally  cut  sweeping bends to achieve this
cheers LLL :)

Posted by jwill on 04 June 2019,06:45
Yes flow is the right direction. Have a couple of bends could cut into slippers. Would flush invert be ok with it joining on a bend like that?
Part of me says rip the lot out and replace with pvc. Some of the joints already look a bit gash

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 04 June 2019,07:37
always a danger ripping out the lot as the old hepsleeve is liable to fracture
personally i would gut a new slipper on to the bend
and what do you use to post pictures mate?
I can find nothing that works
LLL :)

Posted by jwill on 04 June 2019,08:01
Tell me about it RE the pictures. Hence the thread title I got in a bit of a mess! Only one this site seems to like is "tiny pic". Its ok no registration needed but only one pic at a time.
Been out there this morning think i've got a good plan now. Will give me flush invert and get rid of existing bad joint. Think I will now go with a channel 45 Branch cut into existing. I offered a pvc branch in as I had it to hand, seemed to look about right with the angles.

What do you think?

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 04 June 2019,17:22
hard to explain it but you could almost cut a straight length of pipe at an angle at the end ,and just cut 45 % off the top for rodding access
I feel the bottom of that Y will be hard to get right if that makes sense?
cheers LLL

Posted by Tony McC on 20 June 2019,17:54
Have you done it now? Can we se? Send me pics if necessary and I will upload.
Posted by jwill on 01 July 2019,16:36
Hi Boss, just got it done today. Also re benched the one further downstream with grano to keep all you lot happy.
I used the way I planned in the end. Keep that new invert nice and low as its only 600mm from top of paving at minute and I've got to get it to the new build and under slab. Should have plenty on a 1:80
Also got rid of a nasty lip where the old bend finished

Posted by Tony McC on 11 July 2019,09:56
Lovely work!
Posted by Tony McC on 11 July 2019,09:56
Lovely work!
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