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Topic: Granite setts thickness for driveway
started by: Maverikmk

Posted by Maverikmk on 05 Sep. 2017,14:12
Hi all,

Finally getting it together to remove the several sections of DIY laid crazy paving that forms my 70m2 driveway.

Driveway design proposal (from senior management indoors) for 40 linear metres border in 600 x 300 x 20 silver grey granite slabs with internal area comprised of 200 x 100 x30 sawn then tumbled granite setts (both nustone products)

Am  I being unrealistic in thinking that the strength/durability of granite spec (especially thickness) above for the driveway will be ample to provide a strong a lasting surface for a new driveway.

I intend to provide the stone but varying degrees of contractors umms and ahhs over whether the stone is suitable for a driveway whilst some simply say the time honoured words "if its prepared properly it won't be a problem".

So a yay or nay for the granite spec described above for a driveway please and any recommendations as to what is the right "prepared properly"  for the granite setts and border described.



Posted by seanandruby on 06 Sep. 2017,07:19
< read this then follow the links at bottom. >
Posted by Pablo on 07 Sep. 2017,22:07
If the 20mm flags are intended for any areas that the cars will touch then they're too thin. The setts will be fine.
As a general rule, when clients supply the materials then I (and many others) have to charge more for labour since we need to make more than our wage alone to cover repairs and renewals etc. You'll be able to guarantee the product is the one you want but it's unlikely you'll save any money.
Best of luck with whatever you go for :-)

Posted by Maverikmk on 10 Nov. 2017,18:03
Thanks for the responses.

The 20mm granite flags are a 300 mm border all round intended to be set in a solid bed of concrete  with Marshalls argent blocks for the inner section now.
I  was concerned about the granite sett 30 mm thickness in the end bearing the movement and weight of 3 cars.

Cars will cross the threshold of the drive over the flags.

Pablo  Are you concerned they are too thin they might physically break or break loose from concrete bed despite assurances I am getting that  "with the right preparation" they will be fine.

I guess I have the option to run 50mm Argent blocks right to the drainage channels on the front edge of the drive (where the cars drive over) and leave granite flags as decorative perimeter on the other sides.

I just want this to go down next week and  forget about it for as long as possible.



Posted by lutonlagerlout on 10 Nov. 2017,19:09
20mm is basically a  Tile
I have done old style indian sandstone 35-45mm on driveways bedded onto concrete but you are taking a chance
and Pablo is 100% right
you are unlikely to save anything by supplying materials
running costs of small business's remain static
cheers LLL

Posted by stonepavingdirect on 18 Jan. 2020,11:36
20mm thickness natural stone is only slabs suitable for patio, garden and backyard. We never suggested less than 50mm thickness natural stone for the driveway.
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