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started by: vinny40405

Posted by vinny40405 on 06 Mar. 2019,13:22
Hi hope you can help with your suggestions.

I have just moved house and from using Tonys advice last time many years ago made good the DPC at the back of the house.
This new (1960) house has some issues that i have started to sort out. The dinning room that we are going to turn into a kitchen is at the front of the house. The room used to be a garage and had a solid floor. I have broken up the slab and am going to fit a couple of the new plastic air bricks in. The plastic telescope type.
Where the outside wall touches the drive. Its a concrete, the pattern imprinted type. In a few places it is too high and covers a air brick at the front of the house.

I would like to know what you would do as the concrete drive touches the wall. Its only one brick high so when i put the air bricks in. Its going to need some depth or distance.

I am thinking to use a disc cutter to cut away from the drive and wall create a valley but right next to the wall is a garage with a drain gulley.

How would you cut or finish close the garage gulley and wall?

Thanks in advance Vinny
i have a couple of pictures but not sure how to attach

Posted by vinny40405 on 29 Mar. 2019,23:56
Hi all, I finished today to install two air bricks in the wall, cut away the drive 300mm away from the wall. I have 2/3 bricks clear now and found lots of damp by the brickwork. I hope now its going to make a good job and dry out the brickwork. I intend to put a edging slab as one of the pictures Tony has on the site. The only issue is that I cut the drive to drop back onto the exisiting linear drain which is under the garage. The only problem is that i have found they have installed it but it has no end cap?
I am not aware of the make or how to seal the end? I can see that this must of caused more water to flow to the wall also?

Could you suggest how i fix this?

thanks in advance


Posted by jwill on 30 Mar. 2019,07:54
Any end cap should fit if you can't find manufacturer. Might need some sealant or haunch it up. The plastic aco ones are pretty much just a flat plastic black piece
Posted by Tony McC on 30 Mar. 2019,11:47
You can seal-off a linear channel by making a mortar end cap. Add a wateproofer to the 4:1 mortar mix for surety, and batter it slightly into the channel. It's usually very effective.
Posted by vinny40405 on 01 May 2019,15:19
Thanks Tony I used both as you say a mortar end cap and i managed to get a plastic cap to fit with some cutting. I am happy with the job and hopefully no more water washing the soil away.

Regards Vincenzo

Posted by bhwh on 01 May 2019,23:28
Hi Vinny

I've just come across this thread and wondered if yours is the same as the issue I have?

When we bought our house a year or so ago, the survey brought up an issue with the level of the drive/paving being too high against dpc. The reports stated that it needed lowering.

As I am now re-doing the driveway with new gravel and removing some broken paving from around the house, I thought it would be ideal time to address the dpc problem. However, have discovered that there is a solid concrete bed running upto the house, preventing me from lowering the level of ground easily.

Is this similar to your situation? How did you succesfully remove a channel 300mm from the wall? Did you cut two cuts and then remove the channel? I'm concerned about disturbing the structural integrity of the house wall and foundation.

Any advice appreciated.

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