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Topic: Question for mr lout
started by: Mikey_C

Posted by Mikey_C on 14 Sep. 2019,10:44

After a long break from posting I'm back, no please try and contain yourselves!!

Low and behold the firsrt thing is question, probably for Mr Lout, but if others are able, I'm all ears!

Sometime ago LLL suggested a product that could stop one smelling not sweating but smelling and to best of my recollection it was applied infrequently due to the length time it work for.

I've tried searching the forum, but to no avail.

Any chance you remind me of the products name?


Posted by DNgroundworks on 09 Oct. 2019,19:56
No idea what Tony suggested but i use a product called Pitrok - truly amazing stuff.
Posted by lutonlagerlout on 09 Oct. 2019,23:43
sorry Mikey been AFK for a good while
the stuff is called Trust
< >
boots sell it too
great gear
cheers LLL :)

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