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started by: martinodeano

Posted by martinodeano on 03 April 2019,14:20,_England

Hello folks,
Iím new to the site and wondered if I could ask some help and advice, please?
Iím extending an existing driveway which was probably laid in the 80ís. The original blocks are shown in the image above and measure 200x100x65. The blocks are faded and weathered, and seem more grainy and textured than the modern blocks from Brett or Marshallís.
Does anyone know a brand which might be a match for the originals (always assuming they will mellow over time).
Any help would be very much appreciated!

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 03 April 2019,18:52
whatever you do it will look like a turd on the thames Martin
I would encourage the client to get all new blocks
you are unlikely to get any sort of match for them,I cannot remember the last time I saw 65 mm CBP in 200 by 100
cheers LLL

Posted by martinodeano on 03 April 2019,19:30
Many thanks LLL for the quick reply and great advice!
The existing blocks are mainly 65s with an ad hoc mix of 60s and 50s - itís definitely a dogs dinner!
I will price up a for a whole new set - it would definitely allow a choice of modern sizes, shapes, colours of blocks e.g. charcoal grey, permeable with new borders and layout design...

Posted by Tony McC on 04 April 2019,11:05
Thay look like old Marshalls' blocks, probably from the plant at Sandy.

As LLL rightly says, you're not going to get anything near a match, but maybe they could be re-used? They could be laid as a contrasting edge course, or as a feature panel, or break bands within new paving, possibly.

On some 'extend an existing block pavement' jobs, I suggest randomising old with new to create a subtle mottled effect, but with thes ebeing 1980s 65mm blocks, even attempting that on a screeded laying couse would be a nightmare. Better to use as a feature or put them on eBay, free to anyone daft enough to come and collect them! :D

Posted by martinodeano on 04 April 2019,12:26
Thanks Tony
Great ideas and advice - so glad I posted on this site - certainly saved myself time and money!
I think Iíll have a cuppa and ponder my next move...

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