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Topic: Flat roof / patio paint problem, Feb Aquaseal removal / Asphalt roof covering< Next Oldest | Next Newest >


Posted: 15 June 2004,11:05 QUOTE

Dear All,

I hope you can help me with a roofing / flooring problem that I have.
The roof in question is a 3m x 3m(approx) flat greying asphalt roof area on a purpose built victorian maisonette. This walled roof area is intended to be used as a patio space for the person living on the top floor (us), and as such serves as both a roof to the flat below & a patio for us. There were a few dips & marks on the asphalt where furniture has sunk a little into it in the past.

Last weekend my girlfriend decided (for purely aesthetic reasons I understand) that she wanted to re-paint the light grey, stained asphalt & bought some Feb Aquaseal Protective Roof Waterproofer on the advice of a friend who has a similar roof. She then asked me to paint it on to the patio area which I've done, though only one coat so far. There is a problem however, as I think she's bought the wrong product: for an area that is to be used as a patio, the Aquaseal waterproofer gets extremely tacky on warm days, to the point that the roof area becomes useless as a patio as the black stuff comes off on shoes, furniture etc.
Naturally, I've now been asked to fix it!

There are a number of options that I can see:
1. Paint over the Aquaseal waterproofer with a more suitable alternative product
2. Remove the Aquaseal waterproofer & re-paint the asphalt with a more suitable alternative product
3. Install wooden decking to the area
4. Cover with sand or thin slabs
5. Re-asphalt the entire area

My preference (in my ignorance perhaps) is either option 1 or 2, as 3 & 5 seem to be expensive & will require professional contractors, and 4 would likely result in a gooey mess on hot days. If my preference is correct, then could you give me any advice on the 2 parts of the job: painting over (is this possible?) or removing the Aqauseal (will White spirit damage the underlying ashphalt, even in small amounts? Is there any other chemical or process I could use?), and then re-painting with a more suitable product (Which product?). As you can see, it's a bit of a sticky situation, if you pardon the pun...

I would be grateful for any advice or help!
Many thanks,

Julius Beltrame

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Posted: 15 June 2004,15:01 QUOTE

Have you asked AquaSeal what they recommend? Usually, with asphalt- or bitumen-based roofing products, a protective covering is required to reflect the heat on hot days. It always used to be limestone chippings (white, you see!) but there are all sorts of things used nowadays.

I'm not sure what would be best, but my first port of call would be the Aquaseal Helpline - assuming there is such a thing.

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Quick Reply: Flat roof / patio paint problem

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