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Topic: Building a Garden Wall
started by: oopicmaster

Posted by oopicmaster on 14 June 2004,16:19
I would like to build a a garden wall around a bed in the front of my house.

Max height of the wall will be 2 feet.

I want to have a thin stone veneer finish on the wall

I already have the trench dug, and I know I will have to pour a cement footer....

I was going to use cinder blocks for the core of the wall then attach the ston veneer to it with mortar, however, after doing the calculations I realized that if I use cinder block... the wall will be much wider than I wanted. Cinder blocks are 7.5" wide, and when I add stone veneer to each side, the wall would be about 15" wide. Then the cap would need to be even wider than the wall...


What I thought I might do is instead of using Cinder block for the core of the wall, I would construct the wall using a single row of brick.... then stone face the brick.

The wall will not need to hold back much dirt.... as I said, the max wall height will be 2 feet, and the dirt in the beds will only come about halfway up the wall

Will this work?

Posted by Guest on 14 June 2004,18:31
As long as the wall will only be retaining no more than 300mm of soil, then using a single brick width should be fine.

If the wall is more than 600mm high, then I'd strongly recommend using 225mm wide brickwork, rather than single skin.

Posted by oopicmaster on 15 June 2004,02:28
Thank you For the Info.

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