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Topic: Resin bound and suds
started by: Billy908

Posted by Billy908 on 06 Oct. 2016,08:30
Hi, just a quick initial question please from a novice looking at a resin bound stone system for a patio area.

All of the installation instructions I have seen advise that the resin bound system should be laid over a concrete or bitmac base. At the same time the systems claim to be SUDs compliant.

Excuse my ignorance but how can a system laid over a solid concrete/bitmac base be permeable? Wouldn't water just drain through the resin bound layer and sit on top of the concrete/bitmac?

I must be missing something; could someone please enlighten me?


Posted by seanandruby on 06 Oct. 2016,10:24
< see here >
Scroll down to permeable and read up on it.

Posted by Billy908 on 06 Oct. 2016,10:48
thanks for the reply, id seen that page before, unfortunately it doesn't help me much I'm afraid. Im not so much asking how to create a permeable system but how a resin bound surface, laid over concrete or bitmac can be so?

To clarify, almost every installation instruction relating to resin bound in a domestic setting I've seen is laid over a hard surface but the claim is that it's still permeable.

I guess what in asking is whether the claims of it being permeable are confused or if I am missing something.

It seems as though resin bound *can be* permeable but isn't in the majority of installations?

Thanks again,

Posted by seanandruby on 06 Oct. 2016,13:20
No fines concrete , or permeable tarmac would be used then permeable resin bound. Thst would make it suds compliant.
Posted by Billy908 on 06 Oct. 2016,17:07
Thanks, googling no fines concrete gave me the info I needed. All concrete isnt the same it seems. Cheers again, very helpful.
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