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Topic: Romex rompox d1 - grey marks
started by: Karen Brown

Posted by Karen Brown on 07 May 2017,12:33
Hi, just recently used to above product on very light grey sandstone slabs.  It's left lots of grey marks. My landscaper says they will go away with time, but I'm not convinced.  Anyone got any experience of using this product, if so how long did it take for the marks to go, was any remediation work required. Thanks
Posted by Tony McC on 09 May 2017,11:42
Was the paving thoroughly wetted before applying the D1?

Occasionally, some staining can happen if the pavements urface isn't literally dripping with surface water before poiuring out the resin mortar - this goes for ALL two-part resin mortars, not just D1.

Assuming the pavement was wetted, then it's most likely any marks you can see are residual resin which should weather away in a week or two.

Posted by Karen Brown on 09 May 2017,13:25
Yes, they were using a hose pipe to keep it wet, so let's hope they go away over time.  Thanks for the feedback.
Posted by lutonlagerlout on 09 May 2017,19:10
yes it will weather off in a short period

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