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Posted: 17 May 2017,11:04 QUOTE

Can anyone suggest a  product for jointing between pavers in recessed covers:

The recessed covers area in an area of sand bedded paving which has 3-5mm sand filled joints.  There are some pop-up power units  which have lids that tip at 90degrees to the ground and these have been inlaid with matching paving on an epoxy mortar bed. However, when the units are opened and the covers tipped up, the sand to the joints falls out!!!

We  need something for joint widths from 3mm upwards. The pavers in the recessed covers are cut to 45mm thick.  The jointing material would not have a structural role (the mortar bed should hold all the blocks secure) but is required from an aesthetic point of view and to avoid gaps which things could fall into.  The area is subject to occasional vehicle over-run, but these vehicles may be delivery Lorries etc.

Can anyone suggest a product that would be suitable?
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Tony McC

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Posted: 18 May 2017,09:32 QUOTE

As inconvenient as it may be, KDS is still the right choice. It's cheap, it matches everything else, it fills gaps of any width.

You seem to be looking for a bound material that will go back into place once the covers are replaced, but to achieve that, you need a bound material that is bonded to only one side of each joint. That would require the unbound edge to be coated or protected in some way to prevent a bound material adhering to it. This *can* be done, but it's difficult and, IMO, more trouble than it's worth.

And then there is the problem with blown-in detritus. This fine particulate matter will get into the gap between the bound jointing and the unbound edge, effectively re-creating a loose-fill joint.....and you're right back where you started, having a joint that is held by loose fine material and will put up resistance to being separated.

You might be better off considering bespoke compressible plastic/rubber fillets that could be attached to one edge of the joint with a strong adhesive. When the covers are replaced, the fillets would be compressed to fill the joints once again.

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Quick Reply: Non-sand jointing for narrow joints??

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