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Topic: Owner of next door neighbour is a prick
started by: Forestboy1978

Posted by Forestboy1978 on 18 Nov. 2018,20:46
Guy is tkaing me to court re my shed which is legal and has been deemed so by planning. Building regs require some small work to be done and have given me till April cos dad has cancer. He's also trying to get me to have my van and trailer removed from my property due to lowering the tone of the neighbourhood.

Sent letter to all 6 neighbours. 3 have visited me and promised to write a letter in my defence to the court saying he's a dick basically.

Well, anyway, I got a bit drunk so I got some sodium hypochlorite, filled a watering can put on a a hoody and wrote in block capitals STUART ***** IS A TOTAL BELLEND AND A TOSSER AND A PRICK !! All over the block paving.

Not quite fully concluded on the shrewdness of my actions or lack there of, but in doing so, lots of laughter, snot and a bit of wee came out hahahahaah

He'lll need to clean the entire estate to remove it

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 18 Nov. 2018,21:53
I take it there wont be any christmas cards this year?  :laugh:

Posted by Forestboy1978 on 19 Nov. 2018,08:28
There will! Everyone is getting a card and a Montana Fencing & Trees mug.

His will jjust have "cun*" written on it.  hahah

Posted by bobbi o on 19 Nov. 2018,23:30
I'll look out for you appearing in the next series of that C4 programme !:D
Posted by Dave_L on 26 Dec. 2018,12:13
Was there any more fallout to this saga??:rock:
Posted by Forestboy1978 on 27 Jan. 2019,18:17
Quote (Dave_L @ 26 Dec. 2018,12:13)
Was there any more fallout to this saga??:rock:

Not really. His tenants are moving out cos he insisted on viewing whilst they were at work, which is illegal and they told him as such. Nice girls, young, professional couple. Place is tidy, no hassle etc.

Anyhow, he threatened to evict them if they didn't comply. They also explained this was illegal and told him to stick his house up his ass and gave notice. He refused to write them a reference and this is their first place. They found a decent estate agent who took on board what they have told him.

I think he's selling. He's has had some block paving done at the front. Extended the driveway and fitted a bollard on his adjacent parking space to ours. I suspect he has stolen 10cm of our parking space and am looking into it and praying he has so I can have him move it.

No more threatening letters from his solicitor unfortunately. I was enjoying ignoring them, knowing he was paying for the privilege.

All quiet on the western front so far this year....

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