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Topic: What size spirit level?
started by: KAMIKAZEE DIY

Posted by KAMIKAZEE DIY on 24 Feb. 2018,01:25
If you could only have one size spirit level what size would you choose, and why?
Posted by seanandruby on 24 Feb. 2018,04:47
For years i just used a boat level and if i need, for instance to 4 course a manhole i'd just tape it to a timber straight edge that can be found on any site. A 600 is my favourite it fits inside the 675 opening on regulating courses and can also extrapulate taped to a straight edge, saves carrying multiple size levels, ideal for most "rough works.":;): :)
Posted by Dave_L on 17 Mar. 2018,15:26
1800mm level, but ideally I'd like a 2m one!
Posted by KAMIKAZEE DIY on 17 Mar. 2018,17:39
Your getting a stabila 2440mm for 67 + VAT,

(list price 134.99)

Posted by jwill on 18 Mar. 2018,20:56
Cheap depending what model that is.
Posted by Tony McC on 21 Mar. 2018,12:17
1200mm was always the key one for us. When we were being taught all about flag laying back in the 1970s, the 3x2 flags (900x600) were the most popular size laid on highways and a then 4ft level was long enough to mark a diagonal on such a flag, and also to cover two full 600mm wide course, or three courses partially, when checking levels and falls.

I hear what others say about a boat level (handy for checking kerbs are laid with just enough crossfall) and 600mm levels for MH construction, and the super-long levels beloved of brickies, but the 4ft/1200mm level is still my go-to tool of choice.

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 21 Mar. 2018,21:45
in my experience Brickies always favour the 4 foot level with maybe a 2 foot back up for piers and a boat level for soldier courses
those 2 metre jobbies are what chippies <spit> use  :)

Posted by Tony McC on 22 Mar. 2018,10:25
Many, not all, but many, of the brickies that worked for me over the years had an enviable collection of levels, and while they would happily use a 1200mm for building corners, they did seem to like a 2m or a 2.4m level for courses. Maybe it's a northern thing?

Or maybe I just employed useless brickies??  (not really!)

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 22 Mar. 2018,19:28
I was always taught that nothing over 900mm (4 bricks) should be laid by level,  build a corner and use a line, was the mantra as the line never lies
laying stocks today and no way you could lay them using a levels  :)
in 33 years never seen any bricklayer use a level over 1200 so maybe its a northern thing
but I have worked with a few

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