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Topic: Stonemarket namero limestone good choice for uk?
started by: MattB

Posted by MattB on 29 Aug. 2019,13:10
Hi All

We have been looking at various paving options for weeks and have determined that we want a stone that is both contemporary and classical. We know we donít want riven but do like the project pack layout.

We keep coming back to Stonemarkets Namera Limestone in tala sand but are slightly worried it just will not go /look right in a UK garden and is really a stone one would expect to find being used around a mediteranean property or swimming pool. Its a very light cream colour. We have a 30ís red brick semi and the patio would only be 35 sq m looking out on the usual straightforward grass and beds garden.

Is limestone a good stone for the UK? Is there anything particular to bear in mind re looking after it once fitted?

We know itís a subjective matter, but what do people think about using this very light Stonemarket cream limestone in a UK garden? Thoughts/ opinions would be much appreciated

The mortar joints are very fine on this product (which we like). Can anyone recommend a border sett that would be suitable and match?

Thanks very much for any thoughts

Posted by Tony McC on 31 Aug. 2019,18:27
Limestone flag paving is generally fine, although some can be maintenance intensive.

While there's nothing structurally wrong with Namero, I'm nota  fan of the very light colours. They show every mark far too soon, and this often results in over-cleaning, which then *does* damage the paving and its build-up.

If I was compelled to use the Namero flags, I'd probably opt for a dark basalt or granite sett as contrast.

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