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Topic: Water levels
started by: KAMIKAZEE DIY

Posted by KAMIKAZEE DIY on 22 April 2018,15:18
To cut a long story short i need to level two points several metres apart.

So I've ruled out using a spirit level. I don't have a theodolite and I'm not familiar with them anyway.

Would a water level be a sensible and cheap option. If I was a couple of mm out it wouldn't be too important.

I already have a level you can hang on a string line but I've often though that even on a good tight line could there be a sagging effect.

Hopefully someone can help.

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 22 April 2018,16:17
water levels work but they are old hat now
nobody you know could come around with a laser level and do it for you?
I would do it if I was a bit closer

Posted by digerjones on 22 April 2018,21:39
Water level will be sound. LLL is a Luddite anyway.
Posted by joydivision on 05 May 2018,20:23
Be careful and just chase it across with a straight edge building dead men, reversing your level each time. You wouldn't be far out at all.


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