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Topic: Sub-base for workshop
started by: MrTickle

Posted by MrTickle on 27 Nov. 2019,13:30
Hi there,

I'm starting the process of building myself a timber framed workshop (approx. 3.5x2.5m).
The previous owners had a concrete slab patio laid on cement base with  bit of sand underneath.
The slabs lifted off the screed resonably easily and it appears pretty solid underneath.
There are some sections where the screed came up or there was no patio and so I plan to lay type 1 MOT to a dpeth of 75-100mm and then pour a 100m concrete slab to form my base.
Question is: could I lay the MOT around the existing screed, compact to level it with the screed and then pour the slab on top of all of it? So some areas will be slab on MOT, some areas will be slab on screed.
I don't have side access and so, if not cowboying it, I'd like to avoid hefting a load of old spoil through the house.

Many thanks in advance.

Posted by Tony McC on 27 Nov. 2019,14:04
I suspect the answer is probably "most likely!"

Will this workshop have a floor, or is the plan to use the exising and new base as the floor? If the latter, then you need to consider how you'll keep it watertight and allow for adequate drainage. However, if you're planning on having an internal floor, carried on joists of some kind, then the mixed-origin base will be no problem at all.

Posted by MrTickle on 27 Nov. 2019,14:07
Thanks Tony.
The plan is to get the workshop semi-insulated so defintely a raised floor with joists sat on DPC strips.

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