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Topic: Brick piers for field gate
started by: Aalindo

Posted by Aalindo on 03 Aug. 2014,09:51
Hi, quick one if i may:

I am planning on building a pair of brick piers to hang a 14ft field gate at a driveway entrance. I have read somewhere (can't find link, sorry) that the footings (prob 3ft deep) for each pier should be connected by a smaller (prob 1 ft deep) trench before it is all filled with concrete.

I think the idea is to provide some additional lateral strengh.

Any thoughts? Waste of concrete, or good idea?

Thanks in advance.

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 03 Aug. 2014,09:59
for a gate that size I would be using timber posts 9 by 9  ora steel concreted into the ground 1M and then a brick pier built around the steel

for a free standing brick pier to take that kind of lateral force it would need to be  675 by 675 == very bulky and unsightly


Posted by Aalindo on 03 Aug. 2014,09:59
Forgot to mention: we're on pretty heavy clay, so it may help to prevent the piers moving independently over time.
Posted by Aalindo on 03 Aug. 2014,10:09
LLL, many thanks for the prompt reply.

I had considered timber, but discounted it due to aesthetics.

I'd like to stick with a brick pier. I had considered using something like this to hang the gate. Are they not really up to the job?

< >

If not, what sort of steel were you thinking? I take it you would weld the hinges to the steel? If so, what sort of hinges should i be looking at?

Also, if i stick with brick, any thoughts on the footings re. my first post?

Thanks for your time.

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 03 Aug. 2014,11:13
IME in the last 30 years of doing this kind of thing even a 900m garden gate needs a 330mm pier

regardless of foundation if your pier is less than 3 brick by 3 brick the lateral force will have it over

when we have done big gates we have nearly always concreted an rsj vertically in the ground and then had lugs welded on to it

here we had 2 150 by 150 rsj concreted 1 M into the ground then lugs welded


Posted by Aalindo on 03 Aug. 2014,18:25
LLL, understood and appreciated.

Not sure how the weight of a 14ft softwood field gate compares to those in your pic, but would you recommend a 150x150 RSJ as a minimum?

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 03 Aug. 2014,20:04
I am not an engineer but have seen plenty of gates drop and or fail

I know it makes it hard work but brick piers are designed for standing up and downward pressure

get a couple of 50kg teen brats swinging on the end of the gate and they will have it over

farmers generally use timber or steel

you need it small enough so that you can build a 450mm pier round it so 200 by 200 is max

even a steel post or scaff tube would help

concrete it in when the pier is built

these piers in luton are still cracking even as chunky as they are

< >

cheers LLL

Posted by Aalindo on 04 Mar. 2015,21:11
It seems (for a variety of reasons that i'll not bore you with) that i will be using 9x9in timber posts to hang the gate after all.

One reason for wanting brick piers in the first place was because of the construction of the driveway: I need to have a tarmac drive on the road side of the gate (retained by half-battered PCC kerbs), a linear channel and setts between the piers (under the gate) and a gravel drive on the house side (again, retained by half-battered PCC kerbs).

With the above in mind, I was wary of using timber posts due to the variety of finishes/kerbs that need to meet at the base of them. Timber meeting concrete has never seemed to be a great idea to me.  With a brick pier, it would have been much easier.

Should I set the posts within the gravel driveway and then work out some way to arrange the gravel/tarmac meeting further in front of the gate? Or is there a better way?

Over to the experts!

P.S. If the above makes no sense, I can add pics/diagrams tomorrow.

Posted by GandA on 17 Feb. 2019,00:14
Just to bring up an old post ...
I have a job were the customer has requested 2 small brick piers but they have wayyyy heavy metal gates 4 and half ft a piece..
I suggested RSJ's within the pier but they want to keep the size
Of the pier down to a minimum so I then suggested steel or timber post..

They ummed and arred because they really wanted brick .. so i explained about the weight of the gates and size of the piers several times then they finally got it...

I was thinking of using 9x9 but most searches bring up 8x8 .. would 8x8 be sufficient?
Structural Oak seems like the best choice but I believe they move alot swelling and shrinking ..?
Standard 88 gate posts come up, but at only 80quid .. I imagined it to be more for a decent long standing lump of timber ?
Would a larch be any good?
Also how deep to sink the post into ground, about 800mm to 1m ?

Can anyone recommend a decent place to order from?

Many thanks

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 18 Feb. 2019,00:06
8 by 8 should be enough but always oak if available
600-800 in the ground
not sure where you are based?

Posted by GandA on 18 Feb. 2019,22:06
8x8 it is then thanks..
600-800 .. that's good news, less digging!  :D

I'm based in North Lincolnshire


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