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Topic: Mr oackley, i'd be very grateful for your help
started by: Branston

Posted by Branston on 25 June 2018,16:48
Good afternoon folk on a hot day.

I'm basing this question for cleaning experts like Roger but I've just inspected a place and I've hadf a quite a surprise.

The lady in questions son had a leak on his car, it was diesel and made an unslightly mark on it. His Mother was annoyed so he went and bought, wait for it, Wickes brick and mortar cleaner and just poured it on.

It's left a slight stain but I'm a bit concerned about applying bleach in light of the fact there is diesel and mortar removal already there and not rinsed off and left to dry.

So, would it be best to simply clean it first and see what happens, or apply bleach straight off?

Any help is appreciated.



Posted by R&A Pressure Washing on 26 June 2018,22:11
Don't know why you are going to be using bleach on a diesel stain??
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