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Topic: Building on a boundary
started by: GandA

Posted by GandA on 13 Jan. 2019,20:57
Hi everyone,

I know this isn't really paving related.
But I'm sure a few of you on here will have dealt with something similar in your time and so I thought I would pick your brains. .
At least before seeking advice from the council and been forced into having to get planning permission when we didn't have too..

It's a job for a customer knocking down an existing garage built at the same time as the house on the boundary line.
So obviously falls into the bracket of been within 2m off boundary.
The existing garage is 5m3m .. but the want to extend it to be about 7m4m.. so it doesn't have a foot print of over 30m2 and it doesn't take up more than 50% of garden space.
It will be a flat roof and around 2.4m hi so it falls under the 2.5m ..

It ticks all the boxes to be classed as permitted development.
But with it been right on the boundary and the increase in size from existing to requested I wasn't sure??

Any help and advice much appreciated. .

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 14 Jan. 2019,09:55
Careful here Guy
nearly all the problems I have encountered in the last 10 years have related to "permitted development"
pretty sure round here (luton) to be PD it has to be minimum 1M in from the boundary and built of a non combustible material

we did have a job recently ,it was an oak garage sitting on 4 inch walls
because the BCO had to inspect the trenchs ,and it was adjacent to a public footpath ,he wanted us to dig 2.9 m deep due to nearby hawthorn bushes, in the end we took it 1M in from the boundary and it then came under PD
also be aware they are strict on heights too,measured from existing ground level
cheers LLL

Posted by GandA on 15 Jan. 2019,20:36
2.9m !! That's mad ... wow.
The garage is also situated about 2m from a huge cherry tree .. which will obviously course issues :/

I have since spoken to customer, we are fencing the boundary and going to reposition the garage ..

Many thanks for your  quick reply.

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