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Topic: Stone setts question
started by: Firesi71

Posted by Firesi71 on 05 Sep. 2019,17:33
Apologies if this has been asked before but i couldnt find it ( new to site though!)
I will shortly be laying reclaimed stone setts to my driveway. Im getting someone in to dig out to 300 mm which will allow me enough depth for the base , bedding and  stones which vary 6- 7 inch deep.  Am i correct in thinking the bedding should be 4\1 grit sand wih a 4 inch mOt base?

Also dos the beddinG layer need a waterprrofer adding to it?

Any help is much appreciated

Posted by Tony McC on 07 Sep. 2019,21:23
The best guide can be found < here > for rigid/bound construction.

For a driveway, I'd look for minimum 100mm of DTp1 to give a firm sub-base, then bed the setts in 75-100mm of ST1 or C7.5 concrete. You could use the 4:1 grit sand mortar if you prefer, but a concrete bulks up the bedding with gravel/coarse aggregate and can save a few quid. It also provides better support for heavier setts (and 1t 150-175mm depth, they *will* be heavy!) over the first 24 hours.

The downside is that a concrete mix is a little more awkward to, compact, more resilient, but you should soon get a 'feel' for the ideal surcharge that gives just enough upstand to allow the setts to be properly bedded-in without having the wallop them too much.

No real need for a waterproofer unless you have vulnerable sub-surface structures, such as cellars or vaults.

Posted by Firesi71 on 18 Sep. 2019,21:45
Thanks very much for the info.
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