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Topic: Poor indian stone installation
started by: Alistair79

Posted by Alistair79 on 02 Aug. 2019,09:56
Hi guys

I had an indian sandstone driveway installed in December 2018.  Have the driveway is shocking and the day this part was laid it absolutely chucked it down and 2 days later it froze.  Since then flags are cracking, and there is obviously water under some flags as tiny bubbles displace when walking or rocking flags just with body weight.  
The person who did the driveway is claiming it's because of a bad batch of flags and is being hard to get to put it right.  
I've spoken to a builder who is sending someone round to look at it to give me the facts about what's wrong.  
Here is what I've found.

When jet hosing some joints concrete bleeds away.
I can drive a screwdriver by hand into the mortar bed
With the torrential rain last week tiny particles and debris was left behind where the natural water flow had travelled
And I can pick up flags by hand in some case.
The joints between each flag are inconsistent and no where for pointing due to flags pushed too deep into the mortar.  Presume because it was so wet and the weight of the flag sank too much.

The flags are only about 20 to 25 mm thick which I'd say is patio material and not driveway.  I also have a Mercedes vito van which is fully laden in most cases which he knew also.  

What course of action do I follow now to get this remedied as its proving difficult to get him to admit liability.

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Posted by Tony McC on 03 Aug. 2019,12:13
You most likely need to threaten to instigate legal action.

Start by writing to request a method statement detailing how they intend to rectify the problems identified, and on what timescale. Send this via recorded delivery.

I provide a consultancy service advising how situations such as this can be managed prior to "going nuclear" and commencing a claim via the Small Claims or County Courts. I can also provide a professional independent assessment suitable for use in court, either as an expert for one side, or as Single Joint Expert (CPR35 proceedings).

No disrespect to some of the very fine "builders" frequenting the Brew Cabin but the ones out there in the wild are rarely the best source of infomation when it comes to pavement construction.

Posted by Alistair79 on 03 Aug. 2019,22:27
Many thanks for the reply.
I thought as much in all fairness and have been Preparing evidence and arranged for a local builder to send his landscaper to look and document what the faults and issues are.  
I may be in touch if I could lean on your services as an independent witness.  


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