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Topic: Staining on indian sandstone
started by: MaxC

Posted by MaxC on 23 Oct. 2019,17:15

A couple of months ago I had a new patio laid of smooth Indian Sandstone.   I've recently noticed 'mottled' staining around the perimeter of some of the flags.  In some cases, the staining covers the centre of the flags also.  I am quite concerned that what I am seeing is 'reflective' staining.   The patio flags were laid on a full mortar bed - but the slurry primer wasn't extended to the edge of the flags - I was told this was to reduce risk of staining the upper side of the flags.   I have some photos - but not sure how to attach these to the post.   Any thoughts?

Posted by Tony McC on 24 Oct. 2019,19:21
< How to upload photioes >

....or send them to me via brewcabin AT cormaic DOT co DOT uk and I'll upload on your behalf...

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