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Tony McC

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Posted: 01 July 2007,18:54 QUOTE

The Brew Cabin uses some fairly basic coding to enable members to upload their photies. This is how to do it....

You will need:~

The photies stored somewhere on the web
The url (address) for where the photies are stored
About five minutes free time
A little bit of patience

Pleasae don't upload effing huge photies that take three days to download - you'll only annoy your potential readers. The Brew Cabin is set up to have a width of 720 pixels, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep your photies to a maximum width of 600 pixels. If you really want to impress people with ginormous photies, just provide a simple link rather than distort the carefully designed layout of the Brew Cabin.

So: you have uploaded your photies to your own webspace or a website somewhere out there in cyberspace. To make them appear, as if by magic, in the Brew Cabin, you need to include a little bit of code in your message. Here's the code...

Code Sample
[IMG]http://www.Name OfYourWebspace.com/photie01.jpg[/IMG]

You MUST use the square brackets around the IMG tag, and you must use a closing tag (ie: /IMG within square brackets. The square brackets are the two keys to the right of the P key on most keyboards.

You need the FULL url, so that means the http bit, the www bit, all and any backslashes or forward slashes and the full name of the photie itself. The easiest way to do this is usually to navigate to the photie using your browser, whereupon the FULL url should appear in the browser's address bar. You can copy and paste it from there - easy!

Note: due to the nefarious activities of certain one-handed surfers and eejits peddling drugs, the code does not allow photies from dynamically created sites to be uploaded. This prevents the Brew Cabin becoming some sort of animated billboard for all the crap you don't want. It also means that SOME photo-sharing sites are "out of bounds" and will not work with the above code.

If all else fails, you can always staple your photies to a ten pound note and email them to me at the address given on the website and I'll upload them on your behalf.

Site Agent - Pavingexpert
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