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Topic: Risk assesments
started by: lutonlagerlout

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 13 May 2018,15:25
Hi all
I seem to be getting a barrage of calls lately trying to get me to pay vast sums of money to have risk assessment templates,method statement templates,CHAS and constructiononline
they are really getting on my nerves

we are a small firm and take safety seriously and have an accident book and first aid kit plus PPE

legally what should I have?  it seems hard to find impartial advice on this matter,as a lot of people have vested interests in flogging you something
cheers for any advice

LLL :)

Posted by dig dug dan on 13 May 2018,19:27
i was told by a health and safety bod that if you have three or less employees, you do not need it. i think i saw that online somewhere too.
i dont need it as i employ no one.
I did have a clown who was hiring the crusher wanted a risk assessment from me to guarantee the dust would not blow over next doors fence! since i was not using the machine , he was, i told him it was down to him. He said he would hire from elsewhere.

Posted by dig dug dan on 13 May 2018,19:35
taken from the hse website:

For most small, low-risk businesses the steps you need to take are straightforward. If you have fewer than five employees you don't have to write down your risk assessment or your health and safety policy


Posted by lutonlagerlout on 13 May 2018,22:53
cheers Dan! the usual snake oil salesmen  BS
LLL :)

Posted by Dave_L on 17 May 2018,20:49
Once you get the jist of things aslong as you are fairly PC-savvy then you can do all this yourself quite easily.

I do a lot of commercial work and don't get asked for SafeContractor, CHAS etc etc

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