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Topic: Laying porcelain tiles with mot type 1
started by: Georgie

Posted by Georgie on 27 Aug. 2019,10:57
Hi All,

I need some guidance and advice please :)

Iím in the process of laying a rear patio at my bungalow, I have cleared the ground and installed a compacted MOT type 1 base. I would looking at installing a pebble edging, with brick edging and porcelain tiles (600mm x 600mm x20mm). The size of the patio is ~40m2.

I would like to know whatís the best way to lay the porcelain tiles? I was looking at a pedestal system however not sure if these will be stable enough on the MOT Type 1 base this would also increase the patio cost of around ~£500 - £700 pending on the pedestal height.

Question: Would I be able to lay a bed of sharp sand or small > 10mm gravel, on the MOT type 1 base as a thickness of 20 >25mm and lay the porcelain tiles directly onto this bed of material? This would be a dry installation and if so which is preferred sand or gravel?

Any advice, guidance or help will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Posted by Tony McC on 27 Aug. 2019,12:28
What you need is this page... < Laying Porcelain Paving >

Pedestals really need a firm and immovable base if they are to be effective. I have seen them used on top of a DTp1 sub-base, and it was little short of an effin' disaster! The slightest movement of the sub-base and the pedestal goes with it. :(

Posted by Georgie on 27 Aug. 2019,14:15
Hi Tony,

Thanks for the advise,

Im not fixed on porcelain tiles therefore is they another method or material that i could use to achieve a cost affective patio? given that i have already put down a sub-base?

The reason at i ask is that i could put gravel down as a cheaper alternative but a patio of some sort would be nicer. :)

Kind Regards

Posted by Georgie on 28 Aug. 2019,08:13

Woudl i be able to installed a bed of sharp sand and then place Granite paving slabs on this, without using a wet mix?

So the same that you would do with a front block driveway just with a larger paver?

Posted by Tony McC on 31 Aug. 2019,18:21
You could, but it wouldn't be very good. Granite flags really need to be laid on mortar, not on loose sand.
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