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Topic: Stone carving hobby
started by: KAMIKAZEE DIY

Posted by KAMIKAZEE DIY on 10 Oct. 2019,20:50
Thinking about having a go.
Any experiences, advice, recommendations to share?


Posted by Tony McC on 13 Oct. 2019,10:08
Carving what, though? Figures? Architectural pieces? Headstones?

I used to do a bit of lettering. My ex brother-in-law's father-in-law (if you can follow that!) was a monumental mason and I always admired the lettering when it was hand cut. Most of it is done on a CNC machine nowadays, and can appear completely soulless, but I prefer the rustic charm of hand cut letters.

There's a lot of interest in figure carving. Lovell Stone Group, who own the Portland Limestone quarries, provide quite a bit of both moral and financial support to up-and-coming figure carvers by means of funding competitions, providing stone, running workshops and the like. Their MD used to post here when he was with his previous business, and I know he still does drop in occasionally, but it's a good few years since he last posted anything.

First thing to do is work out what stone you'll work with and then get yourself the appropriate chisels. They ain't cheap!

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