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started by: Nickling

Posted by Nickling on 23 Sep. 2019,19:45
Hi all.
Iím just calculating how much 6mm shingle I should use when tar and chipping a driveway. Iíll be using Colas Loechip bitumen emulsion. I reckon about 1ton of shingle per 50m2
Any advise would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Posted by Tony McC on 24 Sep. 2019,10:16
There are all sorts of factors affecting the rates of coverage for both the binder and the aggregate used in surface dressing and it's a skill that really does require an experienced team with all the right equipment.

For most Surface Dressing teams, the season is now all but over - the end of September is widely accepted as the last date for acceptable conditions to ensure a fairly reasonable result. I'd be very inclined, given the weather outside right now, to leave such a project until next Spring.

With a single size 6mm aggregate (S6) and assuming a single spread technique, a professional team should achieve 90-120 m≤ per tonne, but that's based on effective sweping and re-use with minimal surplus cover.

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