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Topic: Retaining wall do i need a land drainagfe pipe too
started by: smellygrass

Posted by smellygrass on 12 June 2019,12:08
Hello people,

I'm just about to dig the foundations on a steep slope which eminates at the end of a flat stretch of garden).... I'm looking to build a breeze block retaining wall (to allow stabalization for created flat ground which will be a small extension of lawn from the present lawn.) (see on pic 2)
(please ignore the shed to the left in the photo that's being moved)
The retaining wall won't be too high - aboutv3 foot maximum - probably more like 2.5 foot when I've properley measured.

The stretch of land that I'm creating is probably 6 foot by six foot (about 1.57 cubic metres of soil will be added to fill the void)
(if my maths is correct) (1.83m x 1.83m x 0.91m - then that figure halved to allow for the diagonal slope)

I've done a fair bit of homework looking into what I need but have a couple of nagging questions:
1) do I also need to dig a separate smaller trench before the retaining wall (and a little below it) to install a land-drain pipe as well as the gravel that I'm putting against the retaining wall?
2) should I use a little DPF against the wall that will be under the soil?
Or are both these overkill?
Please see crappy illustration attached.

Thanks boys, Bye.

Posted by Tony McC on 11 July 2019,10:08
There's a fully-labelled drawing of a basic retainer wall < here >
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