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Topic: Swapping old pavement for a lawn
started by: daredare

Posted by daredare on 21 May 2019,07:20

I am new here and wanted to say that this forum is great. I will try to dig and read more relevant topics in here.

Now, I need an advice and by reading few topics I can say that I will find right people here who will hopefully provide it.

I recently bought a house and I am trying to some DIY. Well, I thought that I could swap the old paved area with a lawn, preferably from a roll (it is a bit easier).
So, I will move my old pavement tiles to a new location in the backyard. I will use the sand which was under it to level the new location.
But I didn't thought it really through because under old pavement , apart from sand, there is loads of this compressed stones and some metal reinforcement (steel bars etc.), mostly backfill of the retaining wall. I didn't dig a lot of it but now I am a bit concerned about the retaining wall which holds all this area. It wasn't build by me, it is here for years and it is properly done.

Is removing this paving slabs and the first layer of compressed sand and a bit of rubble, will this affect drainage and stability/durability of this wall?

It is about 2-3 meters high and it is a border between me and another property which is lower.

Going further will putting a lawn on this area (adding soil) affect it?

If somebody could help me with it, I would appreciate it greatly.

Image of the backyard:

< >

Thank you.

Posted by Tony McC on 22 May 2019,09:56
Don't waste time trying to salvage the sand and other aggregate beneath the paved area. The best place for all that is in a skip.

Once you've cleared away all that rubble, you will need to build-up the levels again using a crushed aggregate, preferably DTp1, and get it all compacted about 50mm or so below finished level.

The < Artificial Grass > needs to be laid onto a screederd bed of fresh, clean sharp sand.

As long as you do not remove any part of the retaining wall, you shoudl be OK

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