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started by: yellowduck

Posted by yellowduck on 07 Oct. 2019,20:37
I have been a ‘lurker’ on this site for many years, and have gleaned much useful information helping me to lay patios and slabs over the years. I always recommend this site to others, and last Christmas my son was so fed up of me going on about it, bought me a copy of Tony’s book, which he got personalised for me, taking the p*ss out of my normal saying that ‘Silicone will do it’.

When we wanted our current drive done, I checked out the section on Crazy, which we wanted, as we felt it would suit the age of the bungalow. However, Tony’s warning that the only thing crazy about crazy, was that it was easy to do, made me look for someone to do it.

It transpires in our area it is quite hard to find someone who can A) get hold of the slabs, and B) has a clue as to how to lay it.  We think we struck gold with the guy who did ours. He was 73 years old and has been landscaping for over 50 years. It took him and his two sons just over four weeks to lay the 80 or so sqm.

I know this isn’t a query, or a complaint, but I just wanted to show how lovely (in my opinion) crazy can look if it is done right.

< [img]] >
< [img]] >

Posted by Tony McC on 08 Oct. 2019,12:00

as you say, I can be quite disparaging about Crazy Paving, mainly because so many who think they can lay it actually can't, but that, my friend, is a top notch job!

But four weeks for 3 men?!?!? That's why you have to be crazy to consider it!  :D

Lovely, lovely work!

Posted by yellowduck on 08 Oct. 2019,14:30
Thank you Tony, that means a lot!
Posted by Bob_A on 09 Oct. 2019,14:15
Lovely job! it's the colours that make it.
What did you use for the jointing?

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