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Topic: Yellow limestone
started by: Helena Hunt

Posted by Helena Hunt on 31 July 2019,08:43
Are all yellow limestones the same? For instance is there a difference in quality or properties between Kota and Tandura varieties? I've searched the internet re this and can't find an answer.

Is there anything else I should take into consideration?

What jointing compound, setts and border edging would harmonise with this stone?

Any help gratefully received.

Posted by Tony McC on 31 July 2019,19:39
There is a world of difference between the various "yellow" limestones, and even between limestones bearing the same regional name. Not all Kota Yellows (or Kota Browns, as some refer to them) are as good as others. The key is to use a reputable supplier, and not sbe shoppinga round loking to save a quid or two by finding a so-called 'bargain'.

There are pros and cons to both Kota and Tandur limestones. From a technical viewpoint, I don't believe that Tandur is as suitable for the British climate as the Kota, but that is anecdotal, based on years and years of looking at both, rathjer than any actual scientific data. I have Kota in my own garden and, other than an annual wash-down with a certain biocide, it looks after itself, whereas Tandur is often recommended as requiring a sealant for best effect.

When it comes to what will "harmonise", that's a purely subjective decision. Just because I like my Kota Yellow with a very dark 'basalt' jointing compound and a dark Raveena black sandstone contrast, doesn't mean it would suit everyone.

Find yourself a good, reputable landscape supplier who will let you play around with samples in their yard, placing this with that, and that with the other, until you are happy with the 'harmony'. No decent supplier will mind you doing this - they'd rather have a happy customer telling anyone and everyone about the wonderful service they received, than turn their back on a potential sale. And I can't overstate the importance of viewing the stone in natural daylight, sunny and overcast, wet and dry - photies, no matter how good they are, can never really do justice to a natural product.

Posted by Helena Hunt on 01 Aug. 2019,16:20
I am definitely not trying to penny pinch. I just want to make sure that I've done my best to make the right choice.

Is the overall colour of Kota and Tandura the same? The yellow limestone on display by London Stone is Tandura. My local yard (good reputation) has Kota. It's difficult to compare the two when you only see a few stones and then not side by side, especially with the variation that this limestone has.

I must have travelled well over a thousand miles by now in sunshine and rain to see how different stones look but it's still difficult to know what they will look like en masse in my garden. I don't know anyone else who has these stones. I don't know anyone other than a supplier who has even heard of yellow limestone.

I was very heartened that you have it in your garden as it means although I may end up making a bad choice for me at least I'll have proof it wasn't a silly choice.

I probably wouldn't like the yellow and black as I'm looking for a softer look.

Thanks again. The help is greatly appreciated.

Posted by John156 on 01 Aug. 2019,18:15

We laid this not so long ago from Rock Unique

< >

They do setts to match

Posted by Helena Hunt on 01 Aug. 2019,19:06
It looks very nice but it doesn't look very yellow. I take it Morisca Cream isn't another name for yellow limestone?
Posted by Tony McC on 02 Aug. 2019,09:49
From memory, the Morisca is a troubled Portuguese limestone.

I'm on the point of dashing out, so haven't checked my little black book, but I'm fairly sure several distributors have had the rights to Morisca and then dropped it after 12-24 months because it fares poorly in the damp British/Irish climate.

Posted by Helena Hunt on 02 Aug. 2019,19:13
If I had just had that laid I would be devastated to learn this. It just goes to show how difficult it is to make the right selection, not to mention all the work that's gone into laying it.

Tony, I would love to see a photo of your yellow limestone paving if at all possible. I would put an emoji here but I can't see one that represents humble pleading.

Posted by Tony McC on 03 Aug. 2019,12:21
< Celtic Knot Patio >

If I get time to have a tidy-up in the garden this weeknd (ie: put away all the grandkids' bikes, prams, Playmobil, and other crap) I'll try to get an up-to-date picture......

Posted by Helena Hunt on 03 Aug. 2019,17:44
That's really lovely. I see what you mean about the black jointing; it looks very effective. I look forward to seeing an up-to-date picture if you get the chance.
Posted by Tony McC on 11 Aug. 2019,17:39
Not really been togfering weather, and the garden desperately needa a tidy-up, but this may give you some idea of how it looks 10-12 years down the line.....

...the mossy joints are part of my design - they tie-in with the cottagey, unkempt look of the rest of the garden.

Posted by Helena Hunt on 15 Aug. 2019,21:46
Thank you for posting this. I can see that a lot of effort went into making it look artlessly natural.

Have you only used yellow limestone for this small area?  I'm planning to use a lot of it so I hope your endorsement of it still stands.

My panic level had reduced considerably, settling somewhere around about extreme, but it's back to stratospheric now that work will be starting soon. If you hear that emergency supplies of medication have had to be airlifted in, worry not that it is Brexit as it will all be for me (or the contractor, poor chap).

Thanks again for the picture. I appreciate that you took the trouble.

Posted by Tony McC on 17 Aug. 2019,12:25
I have only a small garden, so no great expanse of the Kota Yellow. However, I wouldn't hesitate to consider greater use of it had I the space available.

I do have some photies of larger areas laid elsewhere, but I'm away from the office this week and have no access to the photie library. I'll see what I can dig out when I get back to the desk in a  couple of weeks.

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