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started by: Bob_A

Posted by Bob_A on 17 Nov. 2019,21:47
Ive visiting two companies in Kent recently and came away disappointed, not with their products but by the lack of interest they showed, they are normally mentioned favourably on here so just in case they were having off days I wont name them other than their initials are LS and RU

While doing a search for GFTK I found a company called Corker who sell it a lot cheaper and are not a million miles away from the other two companies so I gave them a ring and the woman who answered came across very friendly.
I visited them last week to buy VDW815 and the same friendly women wanted to make sure I knew how to use it, a chap also behind the counter also took the time to ask if I needed advice. I then went to the collection point and another friendly person gave me advice so it looks like this company employs friendly polite people that know their products
Im a DIYer and not in the trade but while I was there I had a look around and they have some really nice displays and have good stock of aggregates etc, theyve got really good online reviews so although my order was only small I thought it might be worthwhile mentioning for anyone in the South East looking for paving to consider this company.

< Corker TV on Youtube >

Posted by Tony McC on 20 Nov. 2019,14:07
I am genuinely surprised that neither of those companies were able to give you the assistance you needed. They both, normally, have superb customer service.

Not that it will make any difference to your experience, but I *will* mention your disappointment to the MDs of both companies. I'm fairly certain thay will be as surprised as I am at your poor experience and I'm sure they'll take steps to kick the necessary arses!

Posted by Bob_A on 20 Nov. 2019,15:38
I'll PM you Tony with my concerns rather than air them here just in case they were extenuating circumstances :)
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